Position overview

JOB TITLE: Developer/Programmer




We are a young dynamic retail consultancy with a rapidly growing list of tier one and two clients. There is a wide mix of project types that we undertake including general consulting, specialist software implementation support, and an expanding list of business support ‘tooling’ which helps clients transition from basic processes to more advanced processes and software when ready.


Our team has historically been very business focused with an emphasis on strong retail experience, however this has evolved with a wide variety of skills. The tooling has been designed and built with a strong business thought but without the experience in programming/Excel development. The time has come for a greater focus on the development of these tools and we require somebody with the right expertise and drive to take this to the next step.

Role Overview

  • The Developer would be responsible for maintaining and developing a number of Excel based SMART tooling with either flat file or database integration using a mix of excel formulas, VBA coding, Access and SQL
  • The SMART tooling is evolving rapidly and with each new client that uses them and each new project we are looking to advance the tooling to the next level
  • The role will need to be able to support different service models and work at pace to fix issues when they arise both remotely and in person where required.
  • Testing will be required on both developments and maintenance activities and the ability to identify where one error could be affecting other tools would be preferable.
  • As the tools develop, we are looking for someone who can extend their coding skills to help build the tools in applications using software programming languages (C#/C++/Java/Objective-C) and/or web technologies (HTML5/JavaScript).

Duties and Key Responsibilities

Tooling Owner

  • Candidates must be able to quickly decipher and understand the design and structure of the current tools and be able to comprehend why it was designed as is to be able to make and receive recommendations for improvements
  • Understand, design and agree amendments to tooling to improve programming understanding
  • Maintain tools and tooling documentation
  • Take responsibility for the success of the tooling models


  • The candidate would be responsible for maintaining the effective running of all TPC tooling to ensure compliance to client/internal service levels
  • Respond directly or via client team to issues with tooling to the point of resolution
  • Regular testing of tooling to ensure pro-active issue resolution
  • Identification of potential cross tooling coding issues
  • Maintain maintenance and support logs, including time allocation for budgets/billing
  • Work with Technical Consultant and other internal stakeholders to develop and maintain the support structure of SMART tooling
  • Maintain technical documentation to ensure clear line of sight to changes and advancements

Tool Development

  • Working closely with Quantitative and Business consultants to understand the business requirements, develop the business and mathematical answer to these requirements and code that solution in to a useable format
  • Create design specifications in to robust, transparent and well documented code in VBA/SQL/C# etc.
  • Identify opportunities to make improvement in the current tooling for sign off
  • Build well-structured and annotated code to meet development requirements
  • Produce supporting documentation for both users and technical experts to be able to follow

Ad Hoc Report Support

  • At times there may be requirements to support business consultants to construct ad hoc reports/templates where the developer skill set would be of benefit

Additional Skills

The below are additional skills that would be looked on favourably but are not requirements for a successful candidate:

  • ETL
  • C# or other Object-oriented programming
  • Experience in database warehousing design: star-schemes, fact and dimensions
  • Experience with cloud technologies and general networking (ideally Azure and/or AWS): relational databases, Computing instances, VPN, IP routing, firewalling & NAT, Storage units, local and geo-distributed redundancy, horizontal scaling
  • Knowledge of network security: SSH, SSL/TLS, asymmetric RSA certificates, digital signing, OpenSSL, hash algorithms
  • Object programming (Java, Objective-C, C++)
  • HTML5/JavaScript/CSS
  • Software development best practices
  • UI/UX design
  • Mathematics
  • BI technologies (Tableau, Qlik, SSRS/SSAS)
  • Bilingual in another language
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