Our Approach

At Thought Provoking Consulting we challenge the status quo in retail consulting. The founders Keith Taylor and Subir Gupta felt that by combining their experience they could create something unique.

When it comes to our clients, we pride ourselves in making the complex simpler and easier to understand. We see success as exceeding our clients expectations through our thought provoking nature. What sets us apart? We believe it’s our 3 distinct advantages to driving long term change.


Caring Experts

At TPC our passion sets us apart. We combine our expertise with a real passion to help retailers thrive. We have extensive experience in retail, data science, software, academia, and consultancy. We have advised major high street retailers, pure-play digital retailers, and specialty brands in the UK and America.

We adhere to a “do it with” rather than “do it to” approach. Many of our consultants have previously worked in buying & merchandising and are easily able to translate a high level strategy into practical tactics.

Data Science & Tech

We consistently challenge how data science can be used in retail. Our “thought provoking” solutions are creative but always based on science. We carefully analyse big data sets to guide our recommendations and fuel our smart tools. Determining price elasticity, for example, is one of the first steps in any pricing project.

Sometimes science-based models and their outputs can be difficult to interpret. To ensure important data can continue to be collected and analysed, we invest time in training and creating easily understood science outputs.

Smart Tooling

We utilize leading edge science and AI techniques. We believe significant progress can often be made without heavy investment in costly software. Our solutions often involve deploying models and tools with advanced capabilities in easily adopted Excel environments. We have a number of proprietary smart tools that can be configured quickly and inexpensively to generate benefit.

Our commitment to providing comprehensive training for any tool we implement ensures the improvements we make can be sustained by our clients.

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