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The TPC Approach

At Thought Provoking Consulting we challenge the status quo in retail consulting. The founders Keith Taylor and Subir Gupta felt that by combining their experience they could create something unique.


An end to end 3D Digital Process  with Joshua Young

Is the apparel industry keeping up with other industries from a sustainability stand point?

WEBINAR VIDEO: On boarding an end to end business process for 3D digital transformation, with Joshua Young and Sandra Gagnon


An overview of the 3D Possibilities by Joshua Young

This video was recorded at 3DExcite Live in Munich, Germany. It represents a vision of what is possible for 3D product creation within the apparel industry. It starts out with a short explanation of my background, then goes through the following topics: 3D retail, 3D apparel design, 3D samples, and 3D showrooms.

What does a years worth or water and a t-shirt have in common?

As someone who has been at the forefront of digital transformation within the world’s most famous footwear brand, Joshua Young knows what he’s talking about. He joined Fashion Made for an overview of exactly how this industry is changing, and what companies need to do in order to be a part of that change, from concept to consumer.