3D Digital Transformation

3D Digital Transformation has helped other industries work more quickly, make better decisions, and dramatically reduce costs. Until recently, retail has been left behind. But now, these capabilities are ready to help your retail brand.

TPC will help you to understand what 3D Digital Transformation means to you, by identifying the opportunities, quantifying the benefits, and executing on implementation. We’re the only consultancy who’s helped a retailer transform from creation to sales.

If you’re currently on this digital journey, we can support you to accelerate project streams and show you how 3D digital can be leveraged throughout your organization. It all starts by creating a clear roadmap with the capabilities required for future success.

“If you think digital transformation means digital commerce, you are missing half the picture. In order to be truly competitive in the future, you need to be thinking about how digital will change your creation process, concept to consumer, as well as commerce. And this must include 3D.” 

— Joshua Young, Principal Consultant TPC

From Concept to Consumer

We identify the opportunities, quantify the benefits, execute on implementation, scale 3D digital efforts and accelerate innovation in the following areas;

    • Visual Line Planning
    • 3D Design
    • Digital Prototyping
    • Digital Manufacturing
    • 3D Assortment Planning
    • 3D Digital Sampling
    • 3D Visual Retail Planning
    • Virtual Showrooms
    • Digital Retail; physical and online
    • PLM & Eco Systems Integration


A consumer centric, body shape first approach to a multi dimensional global size and fit construct. Readdress the relationship between few (sizes offered) to many (individual body shape, size, proportion, ethnicity) by creating a sizing and fit construct that caters for a diverse global population.

Sustainability of 3D Transformation

For years, the value drivers for the 3D digital apparel process have been to save time, save money, and elevate profitability. Yet at the core of virtualization, through the use of 3D, is a huge reduction in the physical footprint of the industry. That means less resources used to create prototypes and samples, less resources used to ship them around the world, and less resources needed to ship and destroy them. To quantify the waste involved in the product creation process and determine how 3D processes can reduce this waste, TPC created 3D Digital Sustainability Calculator. It helps you quantify Environmental Sustainability Benefits  and Sustainability Financial Cost Savings

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