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    Thought Provoking Consulting announces new hires to its 3D Digital Transformation practice; Tim Devlin joins as the Global 3D Digital Principal and Chelsea Snyder as 3D Consultant!

    Tim Devlin brings over 10 years of retail industry experience, with 5 years dedicated to the advancements of 3D digital product creation. Tim worked as a Global Buyer at Columbia Sportwear before being promoted to leading their Digital Innovation and Digital Strategy practice. He is a thought leader in the 3D digital space where he regularly appears as a public speaker, and he was the co-writer of a published research study on the topic of standardization using comparative analysis of fit.… Read More

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    The Fashion Industry is Broken

    The fashion industry is broken. It’s been truly broken since about 1998 and it doesn’t look like it’s getting much better. Oddly, the fixes have been around nearly as long as the malaise, so why hasn’t the industry responded? That’s a question I’m not sure can be fully answered, but before we try, let’s look at the problems. I’ve grouped them into three areas which we’ll explore: Customization, The Fit Experience, and Sustainability. Read More

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    A Thought Provoking Culture

    Culture is one of the most talked-about concepts in business today. Companies are offering a wealth of culture friendly benefits, including ping pong tables at work, fitness trackers, office snacks, and dog-friendly offices to compete for engaged talent. How important are these, though, and do they genuinely make an overall difference to employee happiness and in turn, client satisfaction? The answer is ‘sort of.’ They often deliver short-term satisfaction, but to be a true leader in this space, much more is required.… Read More

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    Make Black Friday Your Best Day Ever- By Tamara Saucier

    Who will win and lose in what could be the best holiday in years?

    Retailers have already started leaking their Black Friday sales announcements and prices.  In anticipation of this years shortened season everyone is getting a jump on this crucial period. Analysts and industry heads are making their annual predictions, consumers are making their lists of coveted items, and retailers are scurrying to ‘get it right’.… Read More

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    A Thought Provoking Origin

    In simple terms, a consultancy offers insightful expert advice or opinion on a particular subject. Good consultants can help fix and improve particular components of a client’s business. They should also be able to make thoughtful recommendations and excel at problem-solving in order to help businesses attain, and exceed, goals and plan for the future. 

    When TPC Co-Founders Keith Taylor and Sabir Gupta had a consultancy in mind it did not only come out of an extensive background in retail systems and processes but out of a need to provide something more.Read More

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    Moving from industry to consultant

    Skylar, TPC Consultant, Reveals the 5 Things she’s Learned Since Moving from Industry to Consulting

    Prior to joining TPC as a Business Consultant, I spent 5 years working in Merchandise Planning and whilst I loved my job, product, and being a self-proclaimed “Excel nerd” (really), I was ready to do more of what I enjoyed most in Merchandising including problem solving, working cross-functionally, and thinking about the wider company strategy.

    Moving into a new sector, even with a relevant skillset and background, can be slightly daunting at first, so if you’re considering the move from industry to consulting, here are 5 things I’ve learned since making the switch that will hopefully help you on your way! … Read More