Multi-Channel Transformation


The Retailer

A large and very successful fashion multi brand retailer with an international presence selling across channels and expanding rapidly.

The Exam Question

The client’s challenge was knowing how to effectively transform from an operation focused on stores that have a heavy UK centric bias to a truly multi-channel retailer with an expanding international presence.

What We Did

TPC helped the client set up and mobilize the transformation program with the right level of senior business sponsorship. TPC then assisted with the negotiations with Oracle, the selected ERP vendor, and helped the retailer select partners to support the implementation of the system. TPC was able to save the client several million pounds on licenses and maintenance.

TPC has provided a QA role, reporting into the COO as well as a number of other roles and positions, including the Program Manager. In specific areas TPC has been responsible for the delivery itself. For example, TPC successfully delivered the Oracle Markdown solution into the business. It is also involved in a Merchandise Planning initiative and providing a size profiling solution.

TPC operates client side and sees the success of the project as its success as much as the client does. The roles which have been provided are varied and reflect the specific needs of the program to make sure it continues on track and that it delivers the multi million pound benefits it is targeted to.

How Does It Apply to Other Companies?

Many retailers are embarking on major transformation programs and so the skills, experience and expertise being delivered here are very relevant to scenarios with other retailers. ERP programs can be amongst the most expensive and high risk programs retailers embark upon. Getting the right advice at the beginning from experienced practitioners is key.

Why Thought Provoking Consulting?

Unlike some other consultancies TPC believes in providing small, dedicated and efficient teams. We feel we are leaders in the area of ERP due to the up to date expertise our team of specialist consultants possess. Our aim is to transfer these skills onto our clients so that they can manage the process going forward. In our experience these programs only work when done with, not to, the business.

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