Collaboration Platform


The Retailer

A very distinctive fashion brand retailer and wholesaler with an international profile.

The Exam Question

The client’s challenge to TPC was to help it find a robust IT platform for the Property department. The platform needed to support the rapid growth of stores internationally to ensure tasks could be carried out more efficiently and more effectively without having to take on more staff. This meant finding a system that delivered a collaborative way of working that understood the needs of property projects and the various users of the data.

What We Did 

TPC helped identify the key business requirements of the Property team by working closely with key stakeholders and thoroughly understanding the teams’ day-to-day ways of working, the future strategy of the department and the overall business goal. Armed with this, TPC vetted a number of collaborative SaaS-based property software vendors. Presenting the best-suited vendors with an RFP document compiled by TPC allowed the Property team to score the software vendors based on the functionality of the systems and the fit to the business needs. This is a traditional approach and it worked well but it was also important to ensure there was a cultural fit between the two organizations. The retailer has a very strong culture, which is part of the reason for its success and not every vendor would be capable of operating with the flexibility required.

The results from the RFP document were measured and a final shortlist of vendors agreed to assess their operational fit and their implementation approaches. TPC then continued to work closely with retailer and the software vendor to develop an implementation schedule liaising closely with key stakeholders. Finally, a selection was made and the project commenced. TPC played a number of different roles during the project to ensure success, varying the degree of input depending upon the needs rather than fixing on specific roles.

How Does It Apply to Other Companies?

The construction industry has been using SaaS based collaboration for years because it takes cost and risk out of building projects. Many retailers have ambitious and expensive property expansion plans and stand to save significant amounts of money by investing in appropriate collaboration platforms.

Why Thought Provoking Consulting?

TPC understands that collaboration is ultimately about people and not just a system. We focus on the people aspects as well as the technology to ensure that the right systems are selected and that real advantage is achieved through the opportunity they provide.

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